Order Personalized Umbrellas today from Umbrellas and Beyond. Why?

  1. Your message needs to be seen
  2. Umbrellas provide one of the top ROI's in promotional industry
  3. Large print area
  4. 1,100 impressions per umbrella
  5. Create a completely custom canopy 100% unique

Personalized umbrellas provide some of the highest ROI in the industry. An umbrella allows your message to be printed larger than almost any other personal product. The Global Ad Impressions Survey in 2019 declares that personalized umbrellas present almost 1,100 impressions throughout the lifetime of the promotion.

People won’t stop using your umbrella, they'll just lose it…
then someone else will share your message time after time, rain after rain.

Your message is important and a custom printed personalized umbrella offers a platform to share this message time and time again!  Umbrellas are used in wind, rain, sun and snow and every time it gets opened, your message is displayed in one of the largest formats available. 

  • Simple one color one panel imprint
  • Multiple spot colors on one or more panels
  • Full-color imprints on one or more panels
  • Completely customize the entire canopy in full-color
  • Your logo or message using your brand colors.
  • Unlimited number of canopy colors and stylyes

Add your logo, message, or image in 1 color or full color, on one panel or across multiple panels of the umbrella. Have a larger budget? Print a full color image or collage across the entire top or bottom of each umbrella. See below for samples of this breathtaking process!

See an umbrella color or style you like? We can customize it for you. Fill out the request form below or call one of our experts at 888-678-8801 and we’ll help you get started today!

Make a Smart Investment with Personalized Umbrellas

Most of our products shown on Umbrellas And Beyond can be personalized with your logo, message or full color picture. Why spread your message on a coffee mug or small gadget that sits on someone’s desk, when you can broadcast your message out to the public on a personalized umbrella!

If you need help with your art file, we can assist and won’t print until you see a proof and are fully satisfied. We’ve served many Happy Customers since 2006 with their custom imprint projects (not just umbrellas). Just take a look at a few of the Happy Customers we have had the pleasure of serving! Happy Customers.