Haas-Jordan - 68" Guardian 2.0 Fully Wind Vented Large Golf Umbrella

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Haas-Jordan - 68" Wind Vented Auto Open Golf Umbrella is the best choice for golfers in high wind stormy weather. It features wind-vented panels which provide more stability against super strong gusts of wind. It has an anti-slip rubber handle for more secure gripping. Strong fiberglass shaft and ribs ensure its survival without turning inside out. It is fashionable, lightweight and convenient to carry. Carry this amazing umbrella and always be prepared for the worst weather.

  • Automatic Open
  • Built-in Towel Bar
  • Unique checkered canopy option
  • Wind vented umbrella (all 8 panels)
  • Strong grip anti-skid rubber handle
  • Epoxy handle dome medallion
  • Durable fiberglass ribs and shaft
  • Lightweight design 
  • Rubber tip ferrule

    Arc: 68"