ShedRain - Reverse Fashion Umbrella 48" Stick UnbelievaBrella Inverted Umbrella

  • $33.95

The "Reverse Umbrella" is one of the hottest selling umbrellas in the world! Shedrain's fashion UnbelievaBrella is one of the best made reversible umbrellas on the market today. A reverse umbrella has a unique design that keeps you dry, even while closing your umbrella. The unique reverse open and close system funnels the water into the umbrella when it's closed and keeps you dry as you get in your car or go inside a building. It also includes a rubber-coated C-shaped handle that allows you to use your hands while your umbrella stands firm on your arm or wrist. This umbrella is made from steel and fiberglass providing much more strength and durability. Print your logo on this special gift and your clients will thank you AND remember you for a lifetime. Print on one or more panels in one or more colors. The UnbelievaBrella folds down to 36.5" long making it easy to store in your car and transport wherever you go. Join the rush and get your reversible umbrella today. You'll have to agree, this umbrella is truly UnbelievaBrella.
  • Manual open
  • UnbelievaBrella is a trademark of Shedrain Corporation
  • Pinchless open & close release system
  • Black outer canopy when opened
  • 6 different inner colors to choose from that shows when umbrella is folded
  • Rubber coated C-handle allows hands-free operation
  • Custom print for a really unique promotional product
  • Minimum order of 2 required for this product
Arc: 48"
Closed Length: 36.5"