Cuddle up and keep the whole group dry with a Large Umbrella!

Whether you’re a doorman hoping to keep a guest dry or someone who appreciates the extra space, our large and extra large umbrellas give you exactly what you need. Colorful and stylish, these big umbrellas offer more than enough protection from the rain and sun and keep you from having to stop doing your favorite activities when those grey clouds roll in or the sun is too bright.
A large rain umbrella is the best way to stay dry whether you are alone or with your loved ones. These umbrellas come in our largest variety of colors to please any shopper. Some large umbrellas can be heavy, if this is a concern, then try our Haas-Jordan and Windbrella styles who offer all fiberglass options which lightens the load considerably!

Give yourself “extra” protection from the rain and sun with an extra large umbrella!