Bubble Umbrellas

See More Clearly and Safely with Clear Bubble Umbrellas

Bubble umbrellas have a classic look that is both fashionable and practical. With a pronounced "dome" shape, clear plastic bubble umbrellas provide better protection from rain than many of the nylon, polyester or pongee umbrellas. Clear umbrellas also offer the added benefit of a clearer field of view, so even if you must completely protect your face from the weather, you'll be able to see far ahead. We feature a complete selection of youth and adult bubble umbrellas, available in several sizes and with a variety of popular trim colors and patterns.

All of our clear bubble umbrellas come with an easy to hold and convenient curved handle. The handle color matches the trim on the dome and makes it convenient to hang the umbrella on almost anything. Use this transparent umbrella to blend into the crowd. With the tips of the umbrella pointing to the ground, you won’t be the one poking strangers in the crowd.

Stay dry, stay safe, and see where you're going with clear bubble umbrellas, from Umbrellas and Beyond!

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